Jane Potocki


Writing your deepest thoughts and personal feelings and sharing them with the public is a risk, and I’m not sure who will ever care to read my blog, yet here I am because I am in love with writing. Writing is the easiest way I can express myself, the easiest way to get something off my mind and somewhere else.

I find it beautiful that with 26 little letters, rearranged, we have the power to strengthen or  weaken. To tear down, or to inspire. To start a revolution, or to end one. So that is why I created this blog, my thoughts with you. I will post pictures, write reviews, and spin thoughts into your mind that will hopefully entertain, inspire, strengthen you, and most importantly: help you find joy in the smallest of forms.

So, to end this ramble, to whoever is reading–if anyone is reading–welcome to my blog, and thanks reading!

View some of my work below:

The Lala’s Exclusive Interview with Fifth Harmony
Shall We Dance? – The Asbury Collegian
Homecoming Tailgate: School Spirit Trumps Cold Temperature? – The Asbury Collegian
Why You Should be in Love With Your Curly Hair- the Lala
You’ve Got Curls Mini Documentary
Mini Documentary: Coffee Culture
How Agent Carter Kicks Sexism in the Butt- the Lala
Don’t See The Face of Africa, See The People – Girlish
Why You Should Watch The Women’s World Cup This Summer- the Lala

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