As I am writing this, I’ve just scratched off Denmark from my scratch-off world map, because I’ve officially been to Copenhagen!

So the trip started with me and a couple of friends flying from Paris to Copenhagen on a Wednesday night. I started off my time in Denmark by embarrassing myself at the airport. Let me draw a picture for you: I buy a scarf and say, “Thank you.” The man responds and says, “Have a nice flight.” I respond with, “You too!” Slow clap for me (in my defense I’d thought he’d said “night”).

Anyway, we took the metro from the airport to downtown and used my phone map to get to our hostel, and then the adventure began—the next day because it was late and we were tired.

From the moment I arrived in Copenhagen, I was incredibly impressed with the city. The airport was lovely, their metro was simple, their architecture was beautiful, and everything was so so clean!

Our first day in Copenhagen, we ate an incredible breakfast at the hostel (which included the local smørrebrød). Then we went adventuring the city. I can’t describe how lovely Copenhagen was except for the fact they had cobblestone streets and colorful buildings. There are pictures, so refer to those to see what it looked like.

We went to the Nyhavn Canal (which is where there are a bunch of pretty buildings) and we had some coffee and experienced ‘hygge’ (the Danish obsession with coziness in the winter, so many of their cafes and such have a homey feel.

We continued our trek through a charming park and then continued walking by the sea. We ran into the statue of the original Little Mermaid (fun fact—in the original story she is Danish…and she dies, sorry). Through our hike, I noticed a lot of bikes and a lack of locks. People literally just park their bikes and don’t lock them, that’s how safe it is in Copenhagen. We then chased food, visited 7/11 (which is so cool in Denmark, oh my gosh), I had a Danish pastry and did a little shopping. That night, we tried to go to a club but couldn’t (oh well, next time).

Our journey ended the next day, with a little more sightseeing, then a trip back to the airport. Denmark really impressed me, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who loves to travel (or anyone in general).


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