Yes, I’m ten days late but here I am writing my end of year post.

2016 was rough. We all know it. The Syrian war reached its peak, the U.S. Elections reminded us all of Mean Girls, Brexit happened, One Direction kept up their sabbatical, and Fifth Harmony broke up. But world news and pop culture were not the only things that suffered, for many of us, this year was a roller coaster.

Now in many ways, 2016 was a good year for me—I graduated college, turned 22 (yes I did blast it on my birthday, thank you), got an incredible job that I love straight out of college, moved to California, made so many new friends, and learned so much about myself. But on an emotional level—it was pretty rough. But through these trials, I’ve done a lot of praying, a lot of learning, and a lot of growing.

2016 was a year of change, which is terrifying—but also exhilarating. It knocked us down, but it taught us to get back up.

Although 2016 had its highs, I’m so glad it’s finally over, and I’m ready to embrace 2017 with open arms (I get it, we’re already halfway through January, sorry I’m a procrastinator).

So here’s to change, here’s to learning, here’s to growing—and here’s to hoping 2017 is better than the last.


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