My Time in Brazil this Christmas/New Year

Photos of me by Douglas Potocki, Andressa Ramos, and Priscilla Ramos

I spent my Christmas and New Year in Brazil, visiting family (fun fact: I’m half Brazilian, and besides my mother, my entire Brazilian side of the family lives in Brazil). While it was winter time in the States, it was summertime in Brazil and it was hot, humid, and sticky, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I spent my days traveling, swimming, tanning, touring, and eating—a lot (WARNING: overload of beach photos below). It was not a very restful trip, but more of a busy, eventful, however, exciting trip, full of traveling, visiting family, and touristy activities—and like I said, lots of eating. Although I didn’t get to sleep in a lot—or like, ever—exploring different parts of the country I had never gone to with my ‘big fat Brazilian family’ was totally worth it (I’m just kidding fam—none of you are fat—it’s a pun).  Going to Brazil, this break was the perfect end to a perfect year. After traveling to six different countries, spending time with my entire family over Christmas in one of my home countries was incredible.

Throughout the break, the event that consumed most of our time was visiting beaches. Brazil has a 7,491 mile coastline, the 16th longest national coastline of the world. In other words, Brazil has a lot of beach—and they are beautiful. Yes I might be bias, but no I’m not the only one who thinks the beaches in my home state of Bahia are gorgeous: Since Brazil has its summer in December, Trancoso Bahia, one of the many beaches we visited, attracts a lot of celebrities over the New Year breaks such as Jessica Alba, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Neymar, etc. (Spoiler—no I did not meet any famous people while at this beach—yes I was disappointed).

All in all, the end of my 2015 and the start of my 2016 couldn’t have been any better and I’m so ever grateful to have been able to spend three weeks with my family. Happy New Year everyone!



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