My Final Chapter in Spain

Photos of me by Katrina Miller

It’s been incredible, it’s been a whirlwind, it’s been an adventure, and now, it’s almost over.

After three and a half months living in Seville, surrounded by the vibrant culture, the friendly people, and the captivating language, my journey in Europe has come to an end. Only a few days are left in this chapter and it feels incredibly bittersweet. Spain has been my home for the past few months, and it has welcomed me with open arms, and when I leave, I know a piece of my heart will stay here with it.

Home of Picasso, of the lovely Mediterranean beaches and the warm sun. Home of the heart-shattering Flamenco music and the striking Flamenco dances. Home of incredible food and amazing football; Spain is beautiful, in its entirety. From artsy and beachy Barcelona, to the ancient feel of Toledo, to cities like Granada that still have traces of the Moorish influence, to lovely Seville, there is always something unexpected when traveling around Spain.

For its charm, Spain is incredibly underrated. Okay, not really—it’s the second most visited country in Europe, and the third most visited country in the world (according to The TelegraphBusiness Insider, and World of Wanderlust); and I completely understand why. It’s just warm—everything, the people, the temperature. It’s a daydream, and it will be missed.

I will miss the breath-taking scenery and detailed monuments I got to see on my walk to school every day. I will miss making memories with my friends like dancing in Plaza España in the middle of the night. I will miss always having something to do, and the fact that you can have helado year-round. I will miss the amazing food and the warm laughs of the friendly people I have come to know so well. I will miss you Spain.

I’m sorry to bore you with my sappy thoughts on how much I will miss it here in Spain, but I hope if you visit that you are enchanted, as I was, by this marvelous country. I have a few pictures of Sevilla, and although a picture cannot portray the beauty of reality, I hope that this capture a fraction of the beauty that this city.

DSC_0306DSC_0303DSC_0024DSC_0036DSC_0345DSC_0799DSC_0442DSC_0092DSC_0004DSC_0074DSC_0298DSC_0022DSC_0170DSC_0037DSC_0785DSC_0030DSC_0510DSC_0218DSC_0273DSC_0177DSC_0263DSC_0001DSC_0011DSC_0347DSC_0026DSC_0262DSC_0236DSC_0078DSC_0432DSC_0007 (2)DSC_0350DSC_0027DSC_0220DSC_0293DSC_0009DSC_0023DSC_0376DSC_0538DSC_0364DSC_0068DSC_0021DSC_0374DSC_0165DSC_0047DSC_0440DSC_0084DSC_0389DSC_0007DSC_0427DSC_0796DSC_0671DSC_0019DSC_0005DSC_0730DSC_0736DSC_0081


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