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I recall a time when I was out in the city with two of my best friends from out of town. We were having trouble finding a craft store, amongst the many of Ann Arbor, and were walking up and down the busy streets trying to find it. We must have looked incredibly confused because a kind young man walked up and asked us if we were lost. When we said we were he readily lead us to our destination. This friends, is a classic example of Ann Arbor.

After living my whole life in the tropical climate of Mozambique (Africa), I was upset my family chose to move to one of the coldest states in America—Michigan. Two years ago, my family moved to the little city of Ann Arbor, home of the Michigan Wolverines, and I was shocked to find myself falling in love with the city. According to Budget Travel Ann Arbor is amongst the top 25 most beautiful cities in America, with gorgeous flowers and clean streets with the smell of fresh food coursing through the streets. Of all the wonderful cities in the U.S. you should try at least once to visit the exquisite Ann Arbor, because it has many different cultures rolled into one little city, with friendly people, and is home to University of Michigan which hosts incredible events.

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Not only is Ann Arbor beautiful, but it is insanely diverse. Ann Arbor is the home of University of Michigan, bringing people from all around the world into its borders. You can find restaurants with Ethiopian food, pens made in Switzerland, and family owned Middle Easter clothing shops. Along the streets of Ann Arbor, you can find food, music, and souvenirs from around the world. Everything is within walking distance in downtown Ann Arbor, and they have an excellent transportation system so you can visit multiple of these lovely shops per day. Walking down Main Street, there is always something new to see since most of the shops are unique and locally owned businesses. Ann Arbor’s Main Street was even ranked by the Huffington Post as one of the top ten Greatest Main Streets in America reflecting a “vibrant culture”.

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Ann Arbors houses some of the friendliest people I have ever met. From strangers holding the door open for you at stores, to smiling at people on the street, to college students going out of their way to lead you in the right direction when you are lost (as I mentioned above), Ann Arbor has some of the friendliest people. According to Best College Review Ann Arbor was ranked number 2 on Best College Towns in America. With a fairly low crime rate and an incredibly popular nightlife, Ann Arbor is the perfect escape if you are looking for a city where there is always something to do, with lovely people around.

University of Michigan is the pride of Ann Arbor, and are constantly putting on activities that are open to the public. My family once went to an ‘African Night’ where cultures from multiple countries of Africa were celebrated. Walking into the campus theater was surreal, and I felt like I had traveled across the open seas to somewhere I’d never been before. People were there from every country, wearing their traditional clothing to show where they were from. The stage was lit up beautifully with blue lights, which spotlighted the live music and dance. The host, a Nigerian, was one of the funniest guys I’ve ever heard, and he poked fun at the differences between African and American culture. There is always something to do in Ann Arbor.

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The U of M stadium is the biggest in the United States and one of the biggest in the world. Just last summer it hosted famous game Real Madrid vs. Manchester United, internationally known teams based in Europe, and celebrated throughout the world. Tickets are usually not too expensive. This internationally watched game was selling tickets for only $40, but also sold out very quickly (these tickets are over $100 in Europe, especially for such big teams).

So if you’re looking for a beautiful place to vacation, Ann Arbor is perfect. It’s pretty, it’s fun, there is diversity and culture, and there will never be a dull moment when roaming the streets. While walking down the streets of the city you will be enchanted by all you see. I thought I would never ever fall for a city in Michigan! ‘It’s so cold and super boring’ I thought. But after living in Ann Arbor for two years, the beauty has captivated me, and it’s sure to captivate you too!


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